No Leap

This is a reminder that your life is yours even when it least feels like it. When every problem swirls around you in a storm of heat sapping the air from your lungs is when it is most important to remember. If the time that has been rotting since you woke up this morning makes you feel dirty you can still scrub yourself clean, put on fresh work clothes, and try to grow something from the compost.

Hold the cool hands upon your blue heart and make a move that’ll quell the monsters a bit. The small steps forward can be easily overlooked in the shadow of the lunges backward. While obvious and unfair, life will never let you forget how bad you fail in front of it.

I do not know how to strengthen the trembling fingers that return anew seemingly on a weekly basis to hold on to home. The wind rolls in like a tidal wave and washes me away every time. Crawling back never gets easier; holding on never gets less difficult.


I want to keep coming back though. I just wish it didn’t take all my strength just to try and find what is weak footing at best.

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