The End of The End; The Beginning of the Beginning.

The wind cuts deep, thin shards unblocked by failing layers of clothing and stubborn will, but there is nothing complex or malicious about the pain. It is refreshing to reflect on, in fact. Winter blankets and reconfigures time on the calendar in to such a twisting tale of beauty and joy intermixed with suffering, discontentment, and depression, and though it’s a good read it’s not the kind of story you ever feel unfinished with by the end.  The end has arrived though with resounding excitement and relief to the calloused skin, which so patiently stood against the worst of the season. The days have widened and accepted richer sunlight; the air carries moisture and water runs through the streets. These past several days and the weeks to come will see us exhale the long gulp of air we held in our lungs. Life will live around us and share our space once again.


     The season of the beautiful chill has ended, and that of rebirth through water and light has begun.

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