The Perfect Shade of Red

The front line of the day marched across the field

Snuck up the rocks on the outside and through her window sill.

A gentle nudge lifted her from the depths of sleep

But did not rouse the baby alpaca asleep at her feet.

Joyful was she as she awoke the snoring fluff

from her dreams of cookies, flowers, and stuff.

They left the bed messy as they bound from the room

Breakfast first, then anything they could do!

Down it went quick, then the food was all gone

Then the baby alpaca ran outside, with joy and a song.

Her best friend watched with a smile so free

That the birds outside sung too, as loud as could be

The young woman danced and hummed a tune

As she gave water to the succulents all around the room.

She would join her fluff in the bright outside

In the flowers and grass, with mountains on all sides.

Until they grew tired and return in doors

One with dancer’s feet, the other with hooves!

To the library they’d go, with eager hearts

So many books! They wouldn’t know where to start!

At last they would choose one and take their spots

Her a big comfy chair and matching socks.

For her Alpaca a large bed with plenty of space

Funny poses she’d make as she stretched out her legs

The girl would nibble on strawberries as she read more and more

Cozy and happy, she was free to explore

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