You stole the planets from my solar system and left me to float in space alone.

Far away from the distant comfort of the place that I called home.

Cold and stills the air that’s void of the vibrations of life

I endured an entire day for this, this magic hour of night.


Like rockets in the dark are the windows of light I can see in

To a family from so far away, unfamiliar, and alien.

I keep my sights on the road above, below, and on both sides

Galaxies are calling and I can’t ignore their cries.


The lights are simply gas, light, and heat from far away

Similar to the ruckus lifting my head and stretching out my brain.

The balloon is much closer to the ground than it was before

But it’s not really a positive and the danger keeps being ignored.


Eventually it all came down and ended my time in space

Here on the surface I was alone, and for the first time saw my place.

I was chasing a dream, an oracle, or a savior who I made sense to

Anything or anyone to distract me from the solitude.

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