The time was here

My pillar for years

Swaths of red in the monochrome.

Fought against

In every sense

Safe and sound in a burning home


Pillars stood

Longer than they should

No ceiling above to limit my flight

But the proud gold

Was weak coal

And the world was ashen on all sides


Except not exactly

Was the world around me

Something miserable meant to die

I simply grew

And saw anew

That I was simply trying to hide


That blazing house

Is just smoldering now

A colourful light stubbornly guides

To show me at last

What was unknown in the past:

A world to walk side-by-side.


A lifetime has died

Though I survive

And move on to be someone better

Up the hill I go

New life in an old memo

Planting a new tree and growing together.

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