Cult of Personality

Their own reflection is glory

Staring back with the smile of a lover

“You’re the protagonist of this story!”

Just plot devices are the others.


No one else understands

Or maybe they’re not smart enough to

“This game can only be played by my hands

Everyone else fumbles, grovels, and misses their cue!”


If everything is a ladder

They’ll knock you off to scuttle up the rungs

Lest they feel like they don’t matter

Anymore than the rest of us.


Once armed with enough noise

To justify their abuse and control

“We worked smarter” or “Boys will be boys”

You will never score a goal.


With peace and equality so easily toppled

Like sheep submitting to the will of any wolf that makes the effort

These sick brains relish in spreading the most awful

Eating our lives for dinner and our dreams for dessert


On a planet of so much water

Our lakes and oceans are poisoned by narcissism

The infection unavoidable as it spreads to slaughter

Our uniting to rebel, and so it succeeds in the schism.  

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