Winter Bug

Happiness is a hotel room in Chicago. Up the elevator of the fortress like complex complete with a guard at the front-desk and a maze of floors and rooms between myself and the world outside. Safely I can see the world out the window and watch it go on like it would and does with or without me.

I like to keep the lights off and the cool air on. It’s quiet and I feel safe. I feel safe. It’s cold in the room and I feel safe. The bed is large and cradles me like the mother I’ve long ago forgotten while my body releases itself after the long journey. First my jaw unclenches, then the muscles in my legs sigh in pleasure, and my breathing is at liberty to go at any pace it wants.

The only sound is the central air: steady humming and sustaining the ice-box.

I traveled a day and across the border only to feel this one genuine moment of pure contentment, but I feel it in the most sincere place in my heart.


*****Artwork by Alena Aenami*****

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