City of Stars

Like an insect in amber she lay in the dark with her eyes to the ceiling and her mind much further. It had been hours since she’d hopefully give sleep a shot and for hours it hadn’t given her the time of night. Her mind was busy and bustling like city streets, and so she tried breathing deep and slow to take her mind away from the running to amble along dirt roads. The rusty powder was undisturbed and not a car was in sight, and in her comfiest shoes she walked in the warm sunlight balanced by the cool breeze; the swaying grass rippling in a hypnotic dance as far as the eye could see. The daisies were cheerful and friendly, as they are well-known to be, and while she did not feel sleep snuggling up to her there was certainly a peaceful tune lulling them together.

It wasn’t without purpose that she walked, and that purpose soon bore the cozy fruit of a farm house and wooden fence. Abandoning the path with an endearing impatience, she made an ankle-deep run towards the boards and posts with her heart bounding so infectiously that the sheep took to their line and begun mimicking the fretless and Seussian spirit. She counted through a smile the woolly friends reaching out their hooves to pull her out of insomnia. They trotted and leaped, trotted and leaped, but their numbers grew larger and the girls smile waned.

“Forty,” She counted, her smile departed and an empty, haunted platform left in the wake, “Forty-one….”

She was cut short by a new woolly friend, small and cheerful with a cute bird nestled on their head. Her legs were stubby but her flower wrapped around her neck was radiant. Over the fence she leaped and soared towards the young woman to return her smile with an extra pull to deepen her dimples. She leaped in to her arms and together they sored up, up, and away until the sky was awash in slumbering purples and blues. They soared ever higher and streamed like a comet towards the glittering pools that they then dove in to. Warm were her bones; soft and cool were her muscles, and among the starscrapers and blossoming flowers of stardust her eyes opened wide with delight. The colors were hypnotic and soothing like warm chocolate, but she must have over-worked them by feasting on all there was to see because her eyes soon became tired and droopy as can be.

Her little alpaca nestled in her arm, she finally found sleep inside the City of Stars.


***Image artist Unknown***

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