En Route

It was a woman and her seven companions, most she didn’t know, traveling with departed hearts. She knew they must all feel the rumble and bumps while they made their way there and tried to re-dress herself in their skin. It didn’t come naturally but her threatening stomach gave her little chance to return to her own nerves and anxious simmering, and so she tugged, tugged, and tugged gravely until her heel was snug in their shoes.

She was darker in complexion now with shoulders free of draping hair, and looked out the window to her right instead of left. The bumps were the same as was the moving all around her, and in spite of herself she only had eyes for the girl a little ahead on her left: seated with apprehension and her head a surveying camera in search of something it clearly wasn’t finding out the window.

The back of her rusting raid hair oxidizing in to brown was not the new perspective she had hoped for. Unusually feeling her arms as she had never before, she struggled to wrangle control over her body. Her elbows and shoulders hurt and triggered more pain in to her wrists, and she could feel her heart squeeze irregularly cutting her breath short. There was no ignoring it now, though she wished she could, and closed her eyes to put the stress-triggered reactions in focus. It all rushed at her like blood to the head as her eyelids cut everything to dark, but she drew in a long breath, insuring it push her stomach out, and held it there until the screams in her head, heart, and arms subsided some. With a slight part of her lips she released every last bit of air until her lungs were empty, and then she could repeat the process once more. She did this until a calm accompanied her, and it was then and only then that she returned to the lit world around her.

Her face felt tired, as did her arms, but in the way that resting legs do after they’ve run. The pattern of the seat ahead of her was of a little more interest than it had been prior, and this was the time to remind herself that she was going to arrive no matter what. The best action she could take was to make sure it was her steadiest self that was there for the arrival.

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