The light was pink this evening. Pink in the sky but hitting the water in accordance to the International Law of Colours and Blending to make a body of magenta, with a face blemished by the darted sparkles of the light falling of the flash rain. I thought of it as I hit every dip and bump along my trip peddling my purple mess kit home. It’s always when I’m cycling or walking, but not just traveling because I also free-form my thoughts freely when I’m showering or making it through a day of work, and it’s for those reasons that I choose to step away to try and nourish that perk. I feel like myself trapped inside of somebody else when I’m following and clicking on one thing after another, but the freshest air pushes hardest against my chest. The freedom to turn the world down is the exact amount of rope needed to hang-oneself. That hand on the slider of a screen moving up when it could be turning a dial down shows a contrast in use of muscles: a flick of a finger gives more while the twist of two gets it. Decades of buildings convenience up haven’t earned anything for the hands that built it so much as it has for the ones born now and reaping the benefit, but that’s not where MY inspiration comes from. The freshest air pushes hardest against my chest, and it’s not plaque or tar or layers of fat causing resistance. It’s the kind of love-hate push that rewards a deep satisfaction, like the kind that goes to bed with you at the end of a productive day and doesn’t just tell you but simply shows you that this day was yours. It’s the kind of love-hate that builds a couple of hundred words in to 12 000 and climbing because you take 20 minutes to add 200 words of your 100 percent to this 1 goal. It’s the kind of love-hate that you find sitting at your computer when it’s late and paying attention to what you ate because you care more about what’s coming than the struggles you’ve had as-of late. The love-hate of spending time alone but finding your best parts there.

The light was pink this evening which usually means a tomorrow of clear skies.

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