Boil in the steel belly until there is steam out of your mouth: gushing in to the air in white wisps for seconds before you click stop. It’s you and I tonight conspiring together against the conspiracies of my tightly wound mind, and I’m hoping you’re cooler than I in spite of your scalding ins and outs. There’s probably no resolution for us right here, nothing but raw fingers pulling at the knot’s strings without a clue about how to go about solving this.

A few too many swivels of my chair and blank glances at a blank page stock just enough procrastination that I can see it over the wall: stilted and reflecting. To the window, cold to the touch from the outside but maybe the moisture to break the drought, and outside in the light of a tall lamppost I see the pre-cursor to the coming winter nights. There it is! The reason stepping in to the room while I flail about; the rescuers arriving at the island of wild, pig-worshipping children. I dress to impress and head out in to the welcomeness so unwelcome by car tires sloshing and splashing in its mess. I only walk a bit, take a video and photos, then return inside to watch it through out the window.

It’s a brief reunion before it’s a memory, but their ticket home for the extended stay is only so far away.